The organizations that have brought you the last four years of successful electronic music events are teaming together once again to present you Liberation 2014. The past Liberation events are widely known within Southern Arizona as being unique and unforgettable by all those in attendance. Capturing the beauty and essence of the desert setting and tethering it to exceptional genres of music, which include house, trance, dub step, and many others, make this event every electronic music seekers dream.

Liberation is intended to bring out the inner spirit within us all. Daily life has a habit of consuming us, pulling us away from the freedom and creativity that we seek out and crave. This events’ primary intent is to absolve you of that daily stress and align your state of mind, body and soul with absolute liberation.

If adventure and today’s hottest electronic music is what you seek, then look no more! Liberation 2014 will leave you breathless, enthralled, and reminiscing for more. Express yourself through movements of dance, unity through like-minded connections, and become one with the culture that binds every human being on the planet; the love for music.

Under Construction Productions is dedicated to our patrons, which is why we select the best local and global talent for your viewing/listening pleasure, while proving a safe, secure, and relaxing environment for you to unwind, be yourself, and meet new people/friends. We collaborate with some of the finest event crews all around Arizona to ensure your experience is as unique and individualized as you are.

Join us in what will go down as one of Southern Arizona’s premier and fascinating electronic music festival. Artists, performers, vendors, and thousands of beautiful party people all under one blanket roof of stars, united for one common purpose, to share and experience the music and dance that moves us deep within. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or newcomer to the event, the sights, sounds, and entertainment will captivate your senses and awaken your inner spirit.

We look forward to having you as a key component to Tucson’s most anticipated EDM festival. For it is you, the beautiful party people, that make our events what they are today. Without you, our vision would never have come to fruition time and time again, for it is YOU who brings the party to US. So grab a friend or someone who has never been and prepare to get LIBERATED!